SINCE 1994
Gigi Taverna starts his racing and safety school on the small circuit of lombardore near Tourin (ITALY).
racing school 1995
many owners of classic racing cars hand over the management of their cars to Racing & Classic. The first meeting on the circuit of Val de Vienne is organized by Racing & Classic.
collection cars
March 762 BMW 1996
New enthusiasts join the existing group. Racing & Classic, with the help of experienced technicians perform the restoration of newly acquired cars.
Racing & Classic enter two Lotus Elise cars in the italian championship
Lotus Elise
BMW M3 1998
Racing & Classic enter its Osella BMW SR2 in the International Sport Racing Series.
osella Pa20s
Racing & Classic participate in the most important races of the international groupe N championship with a BMW M3 car.
Racing & Classicare again in the international Groupe N championship with two BMW M3 and win the categorie at the 24 hours of Nurburgring and at the 24 hours of SPA Francorchamps.
Luigi Taverna GIGI TAVERNA
Team manager

Begins his carrer in the 70s in the Turismo Category and progresses to Formula 3 at the end of the decade.
At the beginning of the 80s, he returned to the Turismo with BMW in the European Championship; his debut took place at the 1995 World Endurance Class at Hochenheim, driving a porsche 935: during the following eight years, he would be a constant presence in this category, with 65 world races and seven 24 hours of Le Mans race in his log.
Starting in 1994, his professional career would encompass both European Endurance competitions and American experiences in Formula Indy, NASCAR and the IMSA 1996 Championschip, with an Osella-BMW car.
In 1998, he took part in several test races of the new Sport I.S.R.S. Championship.
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